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Riccardo Teodori is the CEO of Abalone Asset Management. Since 2014 he was managing partner of Nord Credit, an Italian company specialized in financial analysis and negotiation with banking institutions. He has over 6 years experience as quantitative professional trader developing mechanical trading strategies.

Since 2012 he has acted as director, investment committee member and portfolio manager of a number of funds in Malta. Previously he joined Accenture in Milan in 2004 where he performed IT and process management consultancy for same.

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Milo Guastamacchia is the CCO of Abalone Asset Management. Mr Milo Guastamacchia has joined the Asset Management industry in 2014 with roles as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Risk Officer and Compliance Officer for an AIFM and UCITS Manager authorised in Malta.

Before then, Mr Guastamacchia worked as a Venture Capitalist, founding and working at EcoIniciativa, one of the first companies operating in the biofuels industry in Mexico, and at mcube Travel Boutique, an operator dedicated to bespoke travel to Asia. Both these entrepreneurial ventures provided Mr Guastamacchia, together with the opportunity to develop various entrepreneurial skills, with valuable exposure to capital raising and strategic planning.

A former Product Structurer and Marketer within the Retail Structured Products team at JPMorgan Investment Bank in London, Mr Guastamacchia was also priorly a Project Manager in the technology team at JPMorgan Private Bank in Geneva. Mr Guastamacchia holds a BSc (Hons) in European Business with Technology from the University of Brighton and a Laurea in Produzione Industriale from the Politecnico di Torino. He has lived and worked in Italy, Switzerland, Thailand, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Malta and is fluent in Italian, English, Spanish and French.

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Mr. Steffan Vassallo joined Francis J. Vassallo & Associates Limited in April 2008. He read law at the University of Reading graduating in 2002. He joined EFG Private Bank Luxembourg S.A in August 2003. His main responsibilities focused on managing the financial portfolios of High Net Worth Individuals from Benelux and Western European countries. His expertise lay in proactively advising clients, both private and institutional, with regards to the suitability and appropriateness of financial products to match risk/reward profile and maximize investor returns.

In 2007 Steffan Vassallo joined Deutsche Bank Luxembourg Private Wealth Management as Assistant Vice President. In 2008 he joined Francis J. Vassallo & Associates Limited and his main expertise lies in Investment and Fund Management. Steffan Vassallo is a member of the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners (IFSP) and the International Tax Planning Association (ITPA).