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Airmid Capital Fund

In order to achieve its Investment Objectives, the Sub-Fund will invest in private equity, venture capital and seed capital in the health care industry in Europe and USA, to take advantage of a variety of attractive opportunities in the pharmaceutical, medical device and services to biomedical institutions businesses with a view of generating yield and growth of its assets in the medium-long term.

Investment shall be focused on a) companies at the private equity stage, having reached a commercial stage with positive EBITDA; b) companies at venture capital stage, still burning cash but having already received one or more seed capital investments and having achieved some milestones like patents or some preclinical proof of concept; c) companies at seed stage, meaning for the purpose of this Offering Supplement companies at their first investment after the initial investment made by the founders and necessary to such founder and the respective management to start up the operations and d) other investment funds investing in the Health Care Sector up to 25% of its assets.

Fund data
Class A Investor Share Class B Investor Share
Minimum Initial Subscription 100,000.00 EUR
Minimum Additional Subscription 10,000.00 EUR
Minimum Holding 100,000.00 EUR
ISIN MT7000023065 MT7000023073

Account Features: annual


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