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 Chief Executive Officer

Riccardo Teodori is the CEO of Abalone Asset Management. Since 2014 he was managing partner of Nord Credit, an Italian company specialized in financial analysis and negotiation with banking institutions. He has over 6 years experience as quantitative professional trader developing mechanical trading strategies. Since 2012 he has acted as director, investment committee member and portfolio manager of a number of funds in Malta. Previously he joined Accenture in Milan in 2004 where he performed IT and process management consultancy for same.

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 Chief Commercial Officer & Relationship Manager

Milo Guastamacchia is the CCO of Abalone Asset Management. Mr Milo Guastamacchia has joined the Asset Management industry in 2014 with roles as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Risk Officer and Compliance Officer for an AIFM and UCITS Manager authorised in Malta.

Before then, Mr Guastamacchia worked as a Venture Capitalist, founding and working at EcoIniciativa, one of the first companies operating in the biofuels industry in Mexico, and at mcube Travel Boutique, an operator dedicated to bespoke travel to Asia. Both these entrepreneurial ventures provided Mr Guastamacchia, together with the opportunity to develop various entrepreneurial skills, with valuable exposure to capital raising and strategic planning.

A former Product Structurer and Marketer within the Retail Structured Products team at JPMorgan Investment Bank in London, Mr Guastamacchia was also priorly a Project Manager in the technology team at JPMorgan Private Bank in Geneva. Mr Guastamacchia holds a BSc (Hons) in European Business with Technology from the University of Brighton and a Laurea in Produzione Industriale from the Politecnico di Torino. He has lived and worked in Italy, Switzerland, Thailand, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Malta and is fluent in Italian, English, Spanish and French.

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 Chief Operations Officer

Andrea Venturini is the COO of Abalone Asset Management. Mr Andrea Venturini started his career in the real estate sector as a private property manager, later he became IT Administrator and Financial Controller in a certification body for public contractors. Once graduated at the Bocconi University, he got the Ph.D. in Statistics and Applied Mathematics to Economics at the University of Turin. He spent three years at the Collegio Carlo Alberto as a research assistant and he worked on several projects, one of which was focused on the role played by the information asymmetries in the financial markets. Lately he got a Second Level Master degree in Finance, Insurance and Risk Management at the University of Turin and in 2017 he joined Abalone Asset Management Ltd. as operations and risk analyst.

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 Chief Risk Officer

Stefano Sabbatini is the CRO of Abalone Asset Management. Mr Stefano Sabbatini started his career in an independent financial advisory company as investment analyst acquiring knowledge of the Financial Markets dynamic. After one year he decided to enroll to the Second Level Master in Finance, Insurance and Risk Management at Collegio Carlo Alberto – University of Turin, to deepen his quantitative finance knowledge. After accomplishing the master, he joined Abalone Asset Management as Operations and Risk Analyst. Stefano also holds a Master’s degree (Hons) in Finance and Insurance from the University La Sapienza of Rome.

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 CO and MLRO

Domenico Paolo Pagano is the CO and MLRO of Abalone Asset Management. Mr Domenico Pagano started his career as Italian lawyer assisting clients in civil and commercial matter; in particular he specialized in providing assistance in judicial auctions related to real estate properties. He is currently compliance officer and money laundering reporting officer for a Maltese category 2 licensed entity and for a Maltese Company Services Provider. Previously he worked for more than two years as senior in the compliance officer department in a well-established and well reputed Maltese Company Services Provider firm. He is specialized in compliance, governance and anti-money laundering. He holds a law degree from the Università del Sacro Cuore di Gesú in Milan, and has successively achieved Master in Anti-Money Laundering, a Training Master in Diritto Societario "Affari, Governance & Compliance" and, a ICA – Certificate in Compliance.

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 Head of Investment Relationship

Carmine Reho is currently head of Investment Relationship of Abalone Asset Management and he joined the firm after 11 years in Luxembourg where he practiced as investment funds lawyer in a well reputed local firm. He also gained extensive experience in dealing with issues relating to financial services offered through banks, insurance companies, and investment managers. Carmine also has significant experience in wealth planning, real estate investments, securitization vehicles and intellectual property.

He also worked as trainee at EU Court of First Instance and in an Italian law firm based in Brussels where he was involved in internal market, antitrust files and intellectual property rights. Carmine is a member of the Chamber of Advocates of Malta and Bar Association of Luxembourg.

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 Investment Commitee Member

Roberto Colapinto is the founder of Abalone Asset Management. He was before Head of Regional Coverage responsible for Southern Europe and Latin America for Credit Agricole (Investment Services) since 2013 being based in Luxembourg. Prior to that he was Direttore Generale of Edmond de Rothschild Europe that he established in Milan in 2007. He started his career with State Street in London in 1998. He moved to Zurich in 2000 and became responsible for all Institutional Clients. He then moved to Milan in 2004 where he managed for State Street the acquisition of Deutsche Bank Securities Services in Italy. Roberto holds a BSc Hons from University of Brighton in European Business and Technology. He also holds Laurea di Produzione Industriale from the Politecnico di Torino.

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 Investment Committee Member

Marino Giocondi is Investment Committee Member of Abalone Asset Management. Marino is Deputy CEO at HotelScan.com, a meta search engine to compare prices for hotels and other accommodations. From 2012 to 2014 he was Managing Director for Rocket Internetcompanies in different geographies: Turkey first and South East Asia then. He lunched Zalando into geographies. Previously he worked in McKinsey & Company for 4 years. Marino hold a Laurea in Business Administration from LUISS, and an MBA from Instituto de Empresa.

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 Investment Committee Member

Danilo Michelazzi is Investment Committee Member of Abalone Asset Management. Mr Danilo Michelazzi has received a a BA at Bocconi University with maximum graduation grade and honors. He spent nine years in corporate finance at JPMorgan New York and Milano at the end as a Vice President. He was a MD at Banque Indosuez for five years responsible for corporate finance in Italy. Since 1995 he has been the CEO of Investitori Associati a boutique advisory and asset management firm in Milano. In 2017 a majority stake of the firm was acquired by Scouting Spa, an advisory firm jointly owned by its management and nine Italian mutual banks. Since 2014 Investitori Associati has been the advisor of Ritorni Reali an Italian mutual fund with a current Morningstar rating of four stars and a CFS rating of five stars.

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 Head Administration & Company Secretary

Silvia Bon is the Head Administration & Company Secretary of Abalone Asset Management. She has over 15 years professional experience in Insurance and Real Estate in Treviso and Milan. Since 2013 she has been working for an international Family Office in Luxembourg.

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 Administrative assistant

Ilaria De Paulis started his career in Abalone Asset Management Ltd as Administrative Assistant. She attended LUMSA University where she was graduated in Economics and Business Administration.

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 Portfolio Manager Investment Commitee Member

Giuseppe Ghezzi is portfolio manager and investment committee member of ABALONE Asset management, he started his career 37 years ago on the stock market and worked on the floor like a stockbroker with Prof. Giorgio TAGI, then he worked for MATTURRI, IMPREFIN SPA (Banca Roma Group), CABOTO SIM (Intesa Group), INTERMONTE SIM, BANCA AKROS (BPM group), BMPS, and CLASSICA SIM. In 2011 he moved to GENERALI insurance and ALLIANZ Group as insurance broker. In 2014 he became Senior Derivatives Analyst for SOFIA SGR. On the July 2015 he left Italy for Malta and he worked as portfolio and back office manager for FRAMONT LTD and finally he joined Abalone Asset Management LTD as portfolio manager.

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 Assistant Portfolio Manager

Mario Garavaglia is Assistant Portfolio Manager in Abalone Asset Management. Having more than thirty years of experience in finance sector, he started to work in 1986 at Introini as broker. In the following years he have worked also for Romasim, Centrosim, Banca MB, Cassa Lombarda and BankNord in Milano, Alpha Value Management and Framont in Malta. Throughout all this years of experience he gained an excellent market and finance knowledge.

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 Investment Management Integration Manager

Felicity (Xiaoyan) Xu is Investment Management Integration Manager of Abalone Asset Management Ltd. She holds Master of International Law degree from Fudan University, China. She received CISI Investment Management Level 2 certificate and CISI International Certificate in Wealth and Investment Management Level 3 in London. Before joining Abalone, she had experiences in investment bank and real estate industry in London. She also worked in Geneva for UN and a few consulting firms in Shanghai.

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